A Juilliard Tradition: Giving For the Arts

Augustus D. Juilliard

Augustus D. Juilliard so loved music that he included a bequest in his will designated for the advancement of music. The Institute of Musical Art, The Juilliard School's precursor, was renamed in his honor.

A textile merchant and arts patron, Augustus D. Juilliard wanted to make a lasting gift through his will that would foster the education of promising musicians. Although he himself was not a musician, he had a lifelong love of music.

When his will was made public in 1919, all but his closest family members were surprised to learn that it included the largest bequest until that time for the advancement of music. Since then, his name has become synonymous with artistic excellence.

Augustus Juilliard was born in 1836, the year his parents immigrated to the United States from France. He grew up in a small farming community near Canton, Ohio, and worked in his brother-in-law's dry goods store. Juilliard eventually moved toNew York to establish his own business, and became a successful businessman and philanthropist.

Since that time, his generosity has benefited not only generations of musicians, but our entire cultural heritage.

Though extraordinary in size and scope, Augustus Juilliard's estate plans are much like the plans of many other generous donors who have included the school in their wills. Over the years, bequests large and small have helped give The Juilliard School a secure financial footing, and have inspired and aided generations of talented young artists.

As we approach the 100th anniversary of Augustus Juilliard's tremendous bequest, we hope you will consider creating your own legacy for the performing arts. Please return the enclosed reply card, or contact Lori Padua at (212) 799-5000, ext. 7152 or lpadua@juilliard.edu for more information.