'With Nothing but Pride for My Years at Juilliard'

Myron Nadel

"It is my hope that our gift will help up-and-coming Juilliard students achieve their dreams."
—Myron Nadel, B.S. '62, Dance

"I am a graduate of the most important program in dance education," says Juilliard alumnus Myron Nadel. "It was founded by our mentor and guide, Martha Hill. The program that she created, along with some of the greatest artists and educators, influenced most all dance curricula that followed."

Inspired by Ms. Hill, the founding director of Juilliard's Dance Division, Nadel and his wife, Jane Poss, have included a gift in their estate plans to create a scholarship for dance students.

"I was one of the many students who adored Martha, and I still do. Through our eventual gift to Juilliard, I hope to give back a smidgen of what I gained from this great school. The scholarships, education, and opportunities that Juilliard provided have allowed me to thrive and love my work to this day. It is my hope that our gift will help up-and-coming Juilliard students achieve their dreams."

Nadel has fond memories of his time at Juilliard. "I remember wonderful fellow students, not only in dance but in music as well. Our teachers were mentors and pioneers who have remained with me in every dance studio and academic class that I have taught."

In addition to Martha Hill, Nadel recalls working with dance greats José LimÓn, Antony Tudor, Louis Horst, Alfredo Corvino, and Margaret Craske at Juilliard.

"But most of all, I rememberMartha Hill, who created the curriculum, put together the faculty, and inspired countless students, including me. My mentors still influence me, and, I believe, all my fellow students, and will do so for our lifetimes."

Still busy with teaching at the University of Texas at El Paso, Nadel is working with the next generation of dancers and teachers. "Last year, I mentored a student in an undergraduate research course. She created 'The House that Martha Built,' a lecture/demonstration about the contributions ofMartha Hill," Nadel says.

"It gives me and my wife pleasure to help my own students on a yearly basis though I am dedicated to Juilliard forever."

Myron Nadel is a professor in the department of theatre and dance at the University of Texas at El Paso. His choreography has been performed by the Milwaukee and Maryland Ballets, the CBS RepertoryWorkshop, and companies in Australia and Norway. He was the founding chair of the dance department at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the first resident choreographer of the Milwaukee Ballet Company, the coordinator forMusicTheater at Carnegie Mellon University, chair of performing arts at Buffalo State College, and Associate Dean of Liberal Arts at UTEP.

Gifts like the one Myron Nadel is making ensure that future students are afforded the same life-changing education that he received at Juilliard. Make a difference with a gift in your estate plans. Contact Lori Padua at (212) 799-5000, ext. 7152 or lpadua@juilliard.edu to get started.