Profiles in Philanthropy: Edmund and Arlene Grossman

Donor GrossmanEdmund and Arlene Grossman are what you might call models of philanthropy. Committed audience members and donors at many nonprofits, by their own account they "scientifically" researched the organizations they wanted to support when it came to creating their charitable estate plans. "We had already decided that there were four main areas we wanted to support-medical research, social justice, the environment and the arts. For the arts, they explain, "we quickly decided on Juilliard."

Although both are native New Yorkers, the Grossmans came to be involved at Juilliard only fairly recently. It was through their involvement with arts organizations in the Berkshires, where they spend part of each year, that they first came into contact with Juilliard alumni. Before long they decided to become members of the Juilliard Association, and are now regular audience members at Juilliard events.

"We are blown away by the performances" says Ed. At every event "the students are performing at an extremely high level." It was the involvement with students, in fact, that helped them make the decision to include The Juilliard School among the organizations that they plan to support through their wills. "It is particularly attractive for us to be able to support students, and Juilliard is a mecca for potential students from around the world," says Ed. Indeed, the Grossmans have included an extraordinarily generous bequest for scholarships for Juilliard students studying dance and orchestral instruments, two of their favorite art forms. "We continue to be extremely impressed with every aspect of Juilliard. The talent of the students and the leadership of the faculty and staff are truly extraordinary."

As Upper West Side residents, the Grossmans are close enough to be at Juilliard often. Ed is retired as the founder and President of Marketing Resource, a wholesaler of merchandise closeouts, and previously worked in advertising and marketing. Arlene, whose career centered on interior design, was with JCPenney for 18 years, where she served as director of home fashion. She also was the home furnishings editor with American Home Magazine. Now that both are retired they enjoy attending cultural events and spending time at their home in Massachusetts.

The Grossmans are extremely passionate about the organizations they support, and in addition to assisting students at Juilliard are committed to stem-cell research and cancer-related causes. An inspiring couple, they are models of committed philanthropy and we are deeply grateful for the extraordinary plans they have made for students at the Juilliard School.

To learn more about how you can support The Juilliard School through your estate plan, please contact Lori Padua at (212) 799-5000, ext. 7152 or

Photo credit: University of Connecticut